The future of grain
trading is more
transparent more
efficient and

Integrated Services

Trade with confidence

  • More transparency on market prices
  • More support for negotiating delivery and payment details
Integrated Services

Practical & simple

  • Several options of traders in one click
  • Capability to conduct several negotiations at the same time
  • Detailed tracking with praticality and precision
How we work

From offer and contract to delivery, all integrated on one digital platform

Our Locations

Physical product
pricing with artificial

  • Dozens of public and proprietary data sources,
  • Freight valuation based on actual quotes
  • Flows among seller and buyer cities
  • Base price history, by city
  • Production, consumption, storage and capacity, by city

The most accurate physical grain for each city in Brazil

Integrated Services

Detailed profile of negotiators

  • Verified Buyers and Sellers
  • Field-by-field planted areas on the map, volumes and planting and harvesting date
  • Registration in CAR, protection areas and environmental certifications
  • CPR mapping and risk profile

In addition to the platform, a 'back office' team will jump in to solve any pending issue.

What is it like to work with tarken, in practice

The traders & bids panel provides a broad
view of the market for buyers & sellers

Hundreds of qualified buyers and sellers, warehouses located on the map, prices adjusted with shipping and taxes to facilitate the comparison of offers, competitive analysis of prices against reference prices

Integrated services

Trading, closing & integrated contract, all built-in

Negotiators are free to conduct their negotiation by speaking directly with the counterparty. A Tarken consultant can follow the conversations, helping to mediate the deal by providing the necessary information and support.

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